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ANNE-MARIE!!! Athlete of The Month

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ANNE-MARIE!!! Athlete of The Month


What made me decide to join CrossFit? In 2016, I wanted to mix-up my exercise routine. My friend, Monica, invited me to join her to “Bring a Friend” day at Hackettstown Strong Together CrossFit during the summer. I tagged along, and I loved the workout! In Fall 2016, I joined Strong Together CrossFit. Joining was in conjuncture with a “Changing Behavior” in graduate school. I got an A on my project and decided to continue at Strong Together CrossFit as I was really enjoying the classes and the journey.


What are the biggest benefits since joining?

I joined in Fall 2016 and loved STHCF family, especially Murph the dog. During this time, I used the box to get my twice/thrice weekly to workout. In January 2018, I experienced several life and circumstance changes that allowed me to dedicate much more time to nutrition and attending classes more consistently. Since January 2018, I've lost over 45lbs. While I don't physically see the difference when I look in the mirror, I can see the see the difference in photographs and how my clothes fit. I love how clothes look and feel on my body now. Finally, I'm pretty sure I've noticed a difference in my biceps and pectoral muscles. I may or may not be slightly obsessed with flexing in the mirror when I'm alone now.

             STHCF is a great tool that I use to help me through harder times. On the days I don't feel like the energy to complete any task, I know I am checked into a certain class on clubready. I know the coaches are expecting me to come at a certain time, and they will be disappointed if I don't show. Having a routine of coming to CrossFit makes everything more manageable. I know, whether I have a good workout or a bad workout, that I've completed something. By the end of the WOD or the All Out I have received a boost of endorphins, and I feel like I can accomplish other tasks as soon as I get home.  Honestly CrossFit is one of the best tools I have to help accomplish my objectives and goals in all areas of my life.

            Coach Mike Giaquinto is a huge inspiration for me. He has such a positive spirit and is so driven. Coach Mike has encouraged me to be independent in my weight loss goals and all goals across my life. As I've dropped weight quickly over the past year, I am now in the last 15lb range/last 4% body fat loss range. For someone with a history of yo-yo dieting, this is a dangerous place to be. This is where a lot of people tend to give up because “you look so great!” and the weight doesn't peel off as it used to. I'm currently making plans on how to handle this weight range. I know each morning I must keep a decent mindset. If I follow my morning routine of drinking a bottle of water, eating a high-protein breakfast, and making sure I'm checked into my clubready WOD/All-Out class with no foreseeable conflicts, the day should go well. And if it doesn't, I recognize one day that went a little off track won't deter my weight loss journey. I know that my weight loss is going to slow down from an average 1.5lb-2lb loss a week to 0.5lb-0.75lb a week, and I am mentally prepared for that. Previously, I just depended on overall weight loss to drop body fat. My body fat loss is slowing down as well. I plan to increase the number of WODs I participate in a week to increase my lean muscle. This should help me burn fat. I don't think I could have made this transformation without the STHCF family.


What keeps you coming back to CrossFit? What would you say to someone on the fence?

I keep coming back to CrossFit because I see results when I apply myself to the program. Even during the times in my life, I was plateauing, the WODS/All Out classes are just fun and I love the rush of endorphins I receive at the end. If someone was on the fence about joining, I would tell them to just come and have fun. I find the completing the classes reinforcing, and I love the gains I make no matter how seemingly insignificant. I'm sure you will too.

Fun Fact: My laugh sounds like I’m a smoker, but I've never smoked a cigarette in my life.

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