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What the Carbs?!

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What the Carbs?!

CARBS...how bad can they be?
Here’s the thing, we all love them and indulge probably more than we should but are they really a big deal? The answer is YES! They are a very big deal. Carbs cause inflammation, brain fog, accelerated aging process, daily fluctuation in energy, mood, and appetite. We often think that carbs give us an energy boost but what they really do is cause a spike in blood sugar. This overload of glucose is carried away by insulin to be stored in your body if it is not burned immediately. We all know what that means...hello fat cells filled with triglycerides! That’s right! The nasty stuff that clogs your arteries. Once the glucose is stored, it’s CRASH time! Time to reload with more carbs instead of using the stored fat as fuel because our bodies can’t access it since we have become carb dependent. It truly is a vicious cycle that most people struggle with breaking.
So what do we do for energy if we don’t consume grains and sugary snacks? That’s what I was wondering so I started reading about “Keto” thanks to one of our members, Tom Groff, who got me interested in it. Here’s what I learned, “Keto is a state of metabolic efficiency where you are able to burn stored energy in the form of  body fat and ketones, and not be dependent upon regular high-carbohydrate meals to sustain your energy, mood, and cognitive focus.” (Sisson, Mark. & Kearns, Brad. The Keto Reset Diet. 2017). Who doesn’t want to burn stored fat!! So you can use stored fat for energy and eliminate carbs so you are no longer carb dependent and break the carb cycle. Sounds good to me!
I decided to give it a try. So on January 2, 2018 (Nope I didn’t start January 1, that would mean it was a New Year's resolution and you know how I feel about those lol), I jumped on board the “keto” wagon. I figured it couldn’t hurt right. Here’s what happened, in 5 days I lost 4 ½ lbs and 1.2% body fat. Now, don’t get me wrong, it was water weight but that just shows you how much inflammation I had from the carbs. By January 14th, I lost a total of 6 lbs and 2.1% body fat. What I also noticed was that chronic feeling of inflammation, that low-grade headache, and constant fatigue was gone. I am not hungry or having my weekly craving (who am I kidding...my daily craving) for ice cream. That’s huge for me. Just ask Frank! I will admit I looked forward to my “cheat days” on Friday nights, Saturdays, and Sundays. Come on, I’m human. I needed a carb fix every now and then. Now I look forward to the meals I prepped and no more “cheat days.”  
How can we become fat and ketones adapted? First, you need to eliminate grains, sugar, and refined vegetable oils. These foods cause inflammation, fat storage, dysfunctional fat metabolism, and increase your risk of cancer and heart disease. You then need to replace these foods with healthy sources of fat. Fat does not produce insulin. It stabilizes your appetite, energy levels, and keeps you satisfied longer. Ultimately, you will consume less calories. Following a
high healthy fat, moderate protein, and very low carb, by low I mean 50 grams per day or under, diet,  you will become a fat burning machine.  
I’m not suggesting this is for everyone. What I hoped to do was bring light to another way of eating and highlight why carbs are so bad for you. There are alternative energy sources out there to fuel your body in a much healthier way. Our bodies were not designed to be reliant on carbs as our fuel source. Break the cycle and eliminate carbs to see how you feel. Choose healthy fats, carbs that come from green leafy vegetables, and good sources of protein. What do you have to lose? Oh that’s right...a few pounds and body fat, not to mention inflammation and brain fog! Good luck!

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