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Don't be a cherry picker

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Don't be a cherry picker

Cherry Picking = The act of only going to workouts that you think are fun and easy, usually due to the fact that you feel you are or you are proficient in that main movement, movements, or repetition scheme.

Unless you’re picking them from a delicious tree you should not be cherry picking.

We all want to do a fun workout but the problem is if we only do fun workouts, or workouts that we are good at, we will stop growing and getting better.

If we are always avoiding the workouts with back squats we will never get good at them.

If we are always avoiding the workouts with body weight movements in them we are stunting our growth.

The goal of CrossFit and what Strong Together does is to make your fitness well rounded.

We want you to be good at everything.

We want you to be able to, on any given day, perform any task 'pretty good'. It could be running to catch a plane, picking up a game of volleyball over the weekend, or pulling someone from a car accident.

The human body should be able to perform all movements at least 'pretty good'. And that is what we train you in.

So when there is something that we can't do, it is likely exposing a huge hole in your fitness.

If you are avoiding gymnastic type movements, it means that you likely are bad at them and therefore need them the most. That is the biggest hole in your fitness.

You want to keep your strengths and always work on your weaknesses.

Are you strong? Great! Let's get after some gymnastics.

Are you good at gymnastics? Okay great! Lets add a little weight to make you stronger.

Too many times I see people in open gym just working on their strengths. We need to train our weaknesses so they become our strengths. Then something else will become our weakness and we will train that. It never ends. It is an amazing journey.

So when we cherry pick, we are just digging a hole into our fitness. Remember that if you are avoiding it, it is likely exactly what you need.

So just come on in!


Benjamin Krymis, Co-Founder and CEO

P.S.- Keep an eye out for our 6 week Squat and Deadlift program...aka Big Booty Bootcamp coming soon!

P.S.S- Bring A Friend July 20th. Let everyone know!

Fit Tip - Try to rid yourself of distractions when you get to the gym. Put the phone away, leave stresses behind, let yourself totally be in sync with your body and the workout. Clear your mind. Have Fun!

Coach Mike Giaquinto

Athlete Good News

Brandon M PRd his rope climbs in a workout!

Jamie F pr'd squat clean and jerk at #70!

Lea S. PR'd BS for 5 reps, 115# AND strung 3 DU's together!
Carlos S. PR'd 205# Squat Clean
Bre C. PR'd 150 Sq Snatch

Brendan R. graduated high school this week! Congrats!

Anna L- first toes to bar!!

Jen F got her first DU!!

Matt P first DU's!

Stef Kaz first box jump!!

Bartek strung together 3 Bar MUs today AFTER the 2017 40 min. SweatFest!

Deadlift PR's from CHESTA:
400 Carlos S
135 Carly First WOD class this week!
175 Mark W
115 Veronica
115 Barbara M
135 Jenna D

Congratulations on graduation and best of luck to Brendan R. from Chester as he heads off to the Naval Academy this week!

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