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You are either getting weaker or stronger, period…

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A while back I made an effort to distance myself from commercials and TV news. I really feel like it is just a fear inducing brain rot. I know that sounds aggressive but it’s true. You never walk away from a commercial or tv news feeling good and excited to attack your day and your life. It is just bad news followed by.. get ready for bad news.. with persuasive & compelling marketing before, middle and after.

So what would TV look like with no commercials?

No cable but we have Netflix for sure. No car radio but satellite instead. This has been going on for about 3 years now with no commercials for Trisha or I. I try not to really play music in the car anymore either but instead I listen to podcast, audio books and educational CD’s. I can’t stress how much you can learn by using all of those hours you spend in the car towards something productive! More cars have a usb player now so you can simply load anything you want onto a thumb drive and listen in the car.

Give it a try for 30 days and see how you feel.

You may think you don’t get enough news of the outside world, however you can get everything from online news sources. I am giving the journal a try right now also. Not to mention you absorb tons from Facebook. (I’m constantly adjusting which advertisements I don’t want to see on that also.)

One of my favorite podcasts in the car or a long row is Tim Ferris. He seems to take a good non biased approach to his interviews and he has great guests on his show. I was listening to one of his recently and he was saying something interesting.

You are either getting stronger or weaker. Period.

How true is that?! Today right now you are either getting stronger physically and mentally or you are getting weaker. Which is it? Which one do you want? He went on to talk about cellular homeostasis and how on that level there is no perfect homeostasis. They body is always getting stronger or weaker. It is never perfect or in the middle. I take that as even more fuel to constantly better improve physical and mental self.

I would rather be in a state of getting stronger than weaker. I’m sure you can agree.

Do you think watching 15 covergirl and dodge commercials in one hour will make you stronger or weaker? If you take a 30 day no commercial challenge let me know how it goes.

See you in class.

All the best.

Benjamin Krymis, Co-Founder and CEO

P.S. As many of you already know we have been expanding our Strong Together Brand with some big audacious goals to change lives an make communities stronger. We are finishing up plans to open more locations. If you or someone you know is interested let me know! Our clients make the best STF owners out of anyone because you already see and feel our experience and know that our approach to fitness is awesome.

Fit Tip

My tip this week is to allow yourself to be slightly competitive. I don’t mean that you need to try to beat everyone in the gym, nor should you, but compete against yourself. Try to beat your former times on workouts or lift more than you could last time you tried. See what a competitive environment can do to help motivate you.

Coach Mike Giaquinto

Athlete Good News

Dan R. pr’d his baseline 1/1 AFTER the Holidays by 4 seconds and lost 5lbs since his 12/1 baseline.

Dan J PR’d his clean, 200#

Kathy A-first all RX’d workout

Elle PR OHS 125 x 3 reps

Frank O PR OHS 195 x 3 reps

Aniya PR OHS 145 x 3 reps

Liz. C PR OHS 145 x 1 rep

JR – PR OHS @155

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