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How to Change Others

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How can you make a difference with people you don’t know?

You may have heard the line, “You are the sum of the 5 people closest to you”?

In work, family, life, and actually… also in fitness and health. People who associate with people who don’t take care of their health typically also don’t take care of their own health. They are influencing or are influenced. If someone is in an environment where their friends smoke and are over weight, studies show that that person will likely be or end up the same if they stay in that environment.

Since you care about your health and fitness and you move towards that daily, the people closest to you are also positively impacted by your passion for health and fitness! Now the best part! Studies have shown that the 5 people that you influence ACTUALLY go on to influence another 5 people the same way you influenced them! People you don’t even know! You are creating a ripple effect towards people that you haven’t met. So keep that in mind and remember, it starts with you.

All the best.

Benjamin Krymis, Co-Founder and CEO


Quick Tip

Fit Tip – All you need is yourself. More and more I’m seeing athletes relying on gadgets and tools to make them a better athlete. Headphones, certain types of music, gymnastics straps, knee sleeves, lifting shoes, belts, etc. Fit tip this week is to try to remove these things from your training as often as you can so you’re building on your own athletic ability or fitness. When it comes time to compete, or your hands rip, or you need some extra support then go throw the straps and belts and shoes on. Working out with music is fun too, but try it with some bad music, music with no words, or no music at all once in a while. See how much you can think for yourself.

Coach Mike Giaquinto

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