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How do you join Strong Together Hackettstown, Roxbury and Chester CrossFit?  

Schedule an Intro to STF session today!

First things first,  Congratulations on taking the first step towards becoming a success story at Strong Together Fitness.   Truth be told our facility is not for the unmotivated. We look for serious-minded and dedicated people; people who are committed to their personal health and fitness. It is intense, yes, but the intensity is totally up to you.   Our facility is designed for only 200 clients, not 201, and the spots are filling quickly!

Check out some of our Real ATHLETES

One of the “Secrets to our Success” is our Strong Together 101 Program.   In this 21 Day 10 Session course you will learn in detail with other beginners all about our 9 functional movements.  In addition you will be given extensive education on our proven nutrition program.  After graduating from the course you will have knowledge about your fitness and nutrition that you will be able to use for the rest of your life.  Plus we have a ton of fun in the whole course with lots of special surprises.

Be warned:  We only enroll 5 people per Strong Together 101 Course.  The current 101 is SOLD OUT and we are currently forming our waitlist for the next one.  

The first step is to contact us for a tour and Intro to Strong Together Fitness session by calling us, or email us at info@strongtogetherfitness.com. Within this session you will get a tour of the facility and meet with one of our Awesome Coaches for a no pressure, no obligation tour of the facility. You will learn what makes our program so successful and how we can help you change your life and do things you never thought you could before.  Intro to Strong Together sessions are by appointment only and required before joining the STF team.  Again, these spots are limited each week and fill up fast so reserve your spot TODAY!  

Chester: 908-879-0363

Hackettstown: 908-979-8979














“Don’t Delay!  Next Month You Could Be Well On Your Way To A Dramatic Personal Change.  Life Is About Positive Forward Movement.”

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RATES… What’s with all this crazy Strong Together stuff?

First of all, we don’t care if you are 15, 40, or 70. We don’t care if you are male or female, big or small, short or tall, bald or hair down to your hips.  You can scroll through the blog posts and pictures on this site and see that we have every demographic just mentioned. It matters not what “socioeconomic” demographic you come from either.   We have the rich next to college students. What does matter is …


  • You care about your own health and fitness …
  • You want to lose fat, look great and feel great…
  • You want to take advantage of the best Fitness Program on the Planet…PERIOD…
  • You know how to honor others above yourself …
  • You have “high moral” standards …
  • You are kind to your fellow Hackettstown CrossFit Athletes …
  • You bring a spirit of encouragement to the group …
  • You leave your ego at the door …
  • You LOVE accountability …
  • You want to have the chance to workout with other like minded people…
  • You want to workout hard, get in the best shape of your life, and help encourage others do the same.


If you recognize the value of what we just said – then this is exactly what you’ve been looking for. The truth is … once you’ve experienced how Strong Together  community bonds together for the good of yourself and others, you’ll never want to go back to Gold’s or any other big gym again.

Strong Together is a Limited Membership Facility – we only enroll 200 athletes … NOT 201.  This translates to less over-crowding, leaving you with more one-on-one attention with our CrossFit Coaches, amazing nutrition program, and workouts – keeping the RESULTS coming!

1. Strong Together Hackettstown CrossFit & Chester CrossFit is designed for a very small group of committed individuals who want to see serious gains and improvements in their fitness. No screwing around here. We are A Forging Elite Fitness … so, to ask anything less would trivialize something of priceless value. You should be ready and willing to provide support and a positive influence to other Box Athletes and be ready on a moments notice to assist another Box Athlete at anytime.

2. And although anyone can join, it’s our opinion that many people are simply not ready for this level of opportunity. Despite being absurdly simple, CrossFit is not without its critics.

We prefer to see only those on the “inside” who are able to take full advantage of the camaraderie this community provides. Naysayers will be happier if they stay at other globo-gyms and CrossFit wanna-bees with their free e-books and consults (aka sales pitch) trying to pretend with similar systems… and so will the rest of the Box Community! So bluntly, the price, to some extent, serves as a screening device.

Simply put you are paying for the privilege of working out with other CrossFit Athletes.  Follow our program and you will get into the best shape of your life.

3. Because of the LIMITED number of Hackettstown CrossFit and Chester CrossFit members this facility can support, and the fact that there will certainly be more people who want to join than can actually be accommodated, this price ensures only the most serious-minded individuals are reaping the rewards.

Listen: You are the only one who can decide if joining the HCF is right for you … But let us just say … We are much less expensive than paying for a gym membership and then adding on the cost of other personal services, like massage, supplements, personal training, heck … even group classes. If you’ve ever added on these costs, you know what we are talking about. When you join the HCF box, your dues pay for the privilege of training with other CrossFit Athletes… AND you get a professional CrossFit certified COACH to provide you the highest quality instruction compared to paying a trainer to count off reps and stare off into space at the next “tight body” lady who walks by … Well, like we said …

“It’s all in the company you keep” … and … “You get what you pay for.”  Strong Together Fitness monthly investment is in the range of $157 to $257 per month with a little more on the first month. 

It’s worth every penny.

Do you like what you hear?  How do you Join?

Contact us to set up your Intro to Strong Together Session.  In this you will learn about STF, get a tour of the facility and answer all your questions in a no sales no pressure session.  This is the first step to joining  and is by appointment only.  Please call us at Htown 908-979-8979  Chester 908-879-0363 or email us at info@strongtogetherfitness.com

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