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  • Saturday 11/16/2019

    * with a partner, split work however. One works one rests
    30 min cap
    AKBS Toes to bar 100 cal row or bike 30-20-10
    Wall ball Push up 100 cal row or bike 30-20-10
    FSQ (135/95) OH Plate Lunge (45/35)

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  • Friday 11/15/2019


    Every 4:00x5 sets
    (rest 1:00 between)
    2 Rope Climb 20 Russian Swings (heavy as possible) 80ft Lunge (bodyweight) *Remainder of 4 min, V-Up

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  • Wednesday 11/13/2019

    OTM 10 Min
    20/17 Cal Row
    15 Burpees over Bar
    3 Position Snatch
    High Hang Low Hang Snatch *Build to heavy in the 30 Mins

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  • Meet Sue, Athlete of the Month!

    Meet Sue, Athlete of the Month!

    I started my journey at Strong Together Hackettstown in 2015 when I was 35-weeks pregnant with my first child. I knew I wanted help to lose all the “baby weight,” so my husband and I stopped by the gym. We briefly talked to Coach Mike and scheduled a time to sit down and go over our goals and learn more about STF. I remember going in and seeing people doing “wall balls” and thinking, “Oh heck no. I won’t be able to do that!” But we listened to what Coach Mike had to say and told him to give us a call after my due date. Well my due date arrived, and we had a new addition to our family. Coach Mike called, and of course, I forwarded his call ....

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  • Monday 11/11/19

    Monday 11/11/19

    STRENGTH 20 EMOM 1 Pause Clean + Jerk VETERANS DAY HERO WOD “ARMSTICE” 11 min amrap 11 Power clean (135/95) 11 burpee over the bar 19 deadlift (135/95) 18 pull ups ....

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  • Wednesday 11/6/2019

    10 RFQ
    5 Pull Up 5 Dip **Strict, UB WOD
    AMRAP 15
    10 Burpee Box Jump Over (24/20) 40’ DB walking lunge 30 DB Front Squat (50/35) 40’ DB walking lunge HAPPY BIRTHDAY


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  • Tuesday 11/5/2019

    5 Rounds FGB Style
    Cal Row
    Weighted sit up (20/15)
    Hang Power Snatch(75/55)
    Wall ball (20/14)


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