DOWN 30lbs and 6% Body Fat!

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NICK M is down 30lbs & 6% Body Fat!

My experience at Hackettstown CrossFit has been life changing. I started out weighing 217lbs, not eating healthy and rarely exercising. I started out with the 6-week challenge program with my goal of losing 27lbs. After 3 classes I asked Coach Christine if my goal is realistic and she replied, "It's an attainable goal if you put in the work" … challenge accepted. I finished the 6-week challenge down 28lbs, 1lb more than my goal. The commitment and education, whether about exercise, mobility, or diet, the coaches provide to the members is far more than anything I could have hoped for. Coach Christine has been outstanding. She motivates, educates, and has helped me get to where I am physically and mentally. When I joined Hackettstown CrossFit I was going through a tough time in my life and without focusing my energy towards my health I'm not sure what condition I'd be in. Coach Jess has answered every question I've asked, I have a lot of them, and kept me in check during the challenge. I can't say enough or give a big enough thank you to the staff at Hackettstown CrossFit for all they love done for me. I'm in my 14th year of coaching ice hockey and never had I joined my teams in a workout or could even think of doing so in the physical state I was in. Now I compete with my team and workout with them which has been great for team building. I'm no longer the coach dictating orders, I'm out there explaining and doing the exercises as well. My goal as a Dad is to be the best role model to my children, the coaches help me achieve that every day and my children see it as well. They can't believe my new eating habits and energy and can't believe I can run faster than them. Thanks for changing my life for the better Hackettstown CrossFit.

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