The Open Season

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I would like to start by saying, “congratulations” to everyone who participated in the CrossFit Open this year! You all did an amazing job. Some of you did it for the first time this year. This will be your annual benchmark. It’s the starting point for you to base your goals for this year so you can be better prepared for the unknown next year lol! Those of you who have completed the Open in the past can track your progress. Maybe you did the workouts scaled this year but were able to move faster, maybe some of the workouts were scaled and RX, or all your workouts were RX. Either way, you made progress from last year. We saw some PR’s and we saw some attempting to get that first chest-to-bar or ring muscle-ups. Kudos for all those people who pushed hard and made the effort. 18.4 took us all by surprise with the new handstand push-up standard. Movements that are normally solid for people got pretty ugly. That’s the beauty of the “unknown!” Keeps us hungry for more!!


So now what?? Well, this is the beginning of the 2019 season. Do we wait until the Open to attempt to get those c2b or ring muscle ups?? Nope!  I don’t think so. We can all make a list of areas we need to improve after this last Open. This is when we need to start to hit those weaknesses so we are better prepared for next year. I know for me I need to move faster, work on my gymnastics, and strength. So how do we do that? A little goes a long way. Pick one goal. Focus on that until you’ve got it down then move to the next one. You don’t need to spend hours every day working toward your goal. Just a few minutes before or after class will do the trick.  Ten to fifteen minutes each time you come to the box is much better than not doing anything at all. Spend some time during Open Gym hours to work on skills you’re trying to improve. 


I know for me, after the Open, I felt motivated again. Seeing what I need to work on gives my time at the box a purpose again. Not that I felt it had no purpose. Now I’m just more fired up to get better. I know I can get stronger and faster. I just have to put the time in to get there. So that’s what I will do. Otherwise, I can’t be frustrated during next year’s Open when I can’t get a c2b. That’s on me. 


With that being said, Sunday Open gym should be utilized to help you all make gains! We have our diehard Sunday regulars (Team Sunday) but most of you only use it to redo the Open workouts...crazy crowded for 5 weeks now it’s a ghost town! Use it to get better, stronger, faster! Prepare yourself for the UNKNOWN so you can CRUSH IT! Don’t let it crush you!


—Coach  Liz

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