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Aniya Meyko



Coach Aniya’s first came to STF Hackettstown back in 2014 as a guest for the 21 Hero’s WOD.  Already physically fit and active she “thought” she was in “good shape” , but after she was lapped by a much older member she realized that she had a lot of work to do. She contacted the box the very next day and has been a member ever since!


In 2017 Aniya decided she wanted to share her love for CrossFit with those around her and completed her CF-L1 in 2017. One of her goals as a trainer is to get people excited about reaching goals that they once thought were impossible to achieve.


Aniya has been involved in sports or some form of fitness since she was 5 years old. She competed in gymnastics for several years, played soccer, lacrosse and hockey growing up in Massachusetts.


Now as a wife and mother of 2 active boys, Aniya really enjoys cooking nutritious food, hiking,traveling the world and experiencing new cultures.


Her favorite CrossFit wods are fast and sweaty and unlike many people she really does LOVE burpees! As for weightlifting, her favorite movement is a toss up between the squat clean and back squat.






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